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The   Iranian Society of Microbiology established in the 1966. Unfortunately, there is   any information about status of society in those years before the Islamic revolution. After Islamic revolution of Iran, a group of microbiologist colleagues as the founder board requested formation of scientific society of microbiology in 1994. The names of these contributors are as follows:

1. Dr. Alireza Amiri Gharagozlu
2. Dr. Parviz Adibfar
3. Dr. Yahya Hemmati
4. Dr. Kiomars Ghazisaeedi
5. Dr. Aliakbar Mohammadi
6. Dr. Nasrin Moazzami
7. Dr. Saeed Eshraghi
8. Dr. Bahram Fathollahzadeh Noor
This request accepted by Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran on 1995/1/30.

On 1996/1/23 the first society meeting was formed and board of directors elections was held. It''''s members were:
1. Dr. Alireza Amiri Gharagozlu                     President
2. Dr. Yahya Hemmati                               Vice-president            
3. Dr. Jalil Vandyousefi                               Treasurer
4. Mahboub Riazi                                       Controller       
5. Dr. Bahram Fathollahzadeh                      Secretary

On 1996/8/15 board of directors requested the society''''s registration and on 1997/8/30 the society was registered as the number 9677 and on 1997/8/31 was announced in newspapers.

On 1998/12/2 second periodic board of directors elections was held and the names of board of members are as follows:
1. Dr. Yahya Hemmati                                 President
2. Dr. Aliakbar Mohammadi                           Vice-President
3. Dr. Akbar Mirsalehian                               Treasurer
4. Dr. Bahman Tabarrai                                Secretary                                
5. Dr. Jalil Vandyousefi                                 Member of Board
6. Ali Azizi                                                  Member of Board
7. Pejvak Khaki                                           Member of Board
8. Dr. Parivash Ghavamian                             Member of Board
9. Dr. Norik Gharibian                                   Member of Board
10. Dr. Abolfazl Mohebbi                               Controller
11. Mr Bitaraf                                              Understudy Controller

On 2001/11/8 third periodic board of directors elections was held and on 2002/1/24 local elections was held that the names of board of members are as follows:
1. Dr. Ghorban Behzadian Nejad                            President
2. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Soltan Dalla                      Vice-President
3. Dr. Parviz Olia                                                  Treasurer
4. Dr. Abdolaziz Rastegar Lari                                 Secretary
5. Dr. Azardokht Khosravi                                     Public Relations

On 2002/7/16 society''''s logo has designed and it was introduced to scientific associations commission.
On 2005/2/18 fourth periodic board of directors elections was held and on 2005/6/18 local elections was held that the names of board of members are as follows:

1. Dr. Abdolaziz Rastegar Lari                                 President
2. Dr. Mohammad Niakan                                      Treasurer
3. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Soltan Dallal                      Member of Board
4. Dr. Parviz Olia                                                  Vice-President
5. Dr. Reza Ranjbar                                              Member of Board
6. Dr. Morovvat Taheri Kalani                                 Member of Board
7. Roshan Tabari                                                  Member of Board
8. Mr. Rokhbakhsh                                               Controller
9. Dr. Gholamreza Irajian                                       Secretary

Fifth periodic board of directors elections was held on 2006 April in Isfahan. On 2006/9/6 local elections was held that the names of board of members are as follows:

1. Dr. Gholamreza Irajian                                        President
2. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi                           Vice-President
3. Dr. Reza Ranjbar                                                Secretary
4. Dr. Mohammad Niakan                                       Treasurer
5. Dr. Bahman Tabarrai                                          Member of Board
6. Roshan Tabari                                                   Head of International Relations
7. Dr. Mohammad Reza Pourmand                           Member of Board
8. Faramarz Masjedian                                            Controller

Publication licence of Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology was taken by efforts of board members specially Dr. Rastegar Lari in fourth period and the first volume of this journal published in fifth period that managers of journal were:

1. Dr. Abdollah Karimi                                 Chairman
2. Dr. Abdolaziz Rastegar Lari                       Editor
3. Dr. Parviz Olia                                        Deputy Editor
4. Dr. Mohammad Reza Pourmand                Executive Manager
5. Dr. Gholamreza Irajian                             Treasurer

Due to resignation of Dr. Abdollah Karimi on 2008/11/10 and agreement of board, following changes were created in management of journal:

1. Dr. Gholamreza Irajian                               Chairman
2. Dr. Masoud Sharifi                                     Editor
3. Dr. Reza Ranjbar                                       Executive Manager
4. Dr. Mohammad Niakan                              Treasurer

Publication licence of Iranian Journal of Microbiology was taken by efforts of board of directors in the same period. Dr. Feizabadi was introduced as chairman and editor of this journal and the first volume of Iranian Journal of Microbiology have published.
Fourth volume of this journal published now and received the Scientific-Research rank and it''''s electronic version is available on http://ijm.tums.ac.ir. Managers of journal are trying to receive the ISI rank.

The names of managers of English journal are as follows:

1. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi                 Chairman, Editor
2. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Aslani                      Executive Manager
3. Dr. Mohammad Niakan                              reasurer
Sixth periodic board of directors elections was held on 2009 April in Ilam. On 2009/9/27 local elections was held that the names of board of members are as follows:

1. Dr. Gholamreza Irajian                               President
2. Dr. Bahman Tabarrai                                 Vice-President
3. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Aslani                       Secretary        
4. Dr. Mohammad Niakan                              Treasurer
5. Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi                  Member of Board
6. Dr. Reza Ranjbar                                      Member of Board
7. Dr. Hossein Dabiri                                     Member of Board
8. Dr. Rouha Kasra Kermanshahi                     Controller

Finally we ask from those entire have any information about the status of the society before Islamic revolution to announce the society for add it in history of society.

Dr. Gholamreza Irajian
President of Iranian Society of Microbiology.

Iranian Society of Microbiology

In 1966, a group of microbiologists, realizing the need for an organization dedicated to study of microbiology in the country. After Islamic revolution of Iran, Iranian Society of Microbiology (ISM) was formally organized on 1996 as a scientific assembly for the exchange of research and clinical information in microbiology open to any interested individual.  Read more>>

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Introducing the pioneers

Dr. Mohammadbagher Khalili
He was born in Yazd , Iran , 1950. He finished his elementary courses in Yazd and moved to united states of America for study in experimental sc ienses . he was graduate student of Chemistry and biology during 1976 to 1981 in APSU university of Tenesee . he postgraduted from same university in microbiology during 1982 to 1984. He finally received his PhD title from Schefield university UK in clinical microbiology .


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